About company

«GrandPlus» —this isan additional resourceto improve thefinancial performanceof your business.

Search and evaluation ofpotential suppliers.

We create, use andfill upa unique database, storinginformation about a largenumber ofmanufacturers and suppliers ofvarious goods.


Negotiationswith possiblesuppliers.Harmonization of conditionsand prices.

Using atestedpartnership, oftencombiningthe needs of severalcompanies,we are able toobtainmorefavorable terms ofsupplies and prices.

Legalexamination of contracts andother documents.

Experienced and qualifiedlawyers of the companywill protectyour interestswhenthe finalharmonization oftreaty texts.Moreover, by analyzingthe history ofworking together,we makean informedopinion about the reliabilityandbusinessintegrityof potentialcounterparties.