Sales Manager

  • As a result ofthe interview.

  • Constant.Full-time.

  • Education notbelowthe medium-specific.
  • Advanced PC user: MS Office, Excel.
  • Punctuality(the tasksandobligationsaccurately and on time).
  • Sociability(a niceperson in dialogue, which easilycomesinto contactwith a broadcircle of acquaintances).
  • Perseverance in achievingobjectives (abilityto plan their activities,listen to and understandthe tasks).
  • Resistance to stress.
  • Accommodating.
  • Mobility.
  • Preferablyexperiencewith1C.
  • Preferablyexperiencein building organizations, companies,wholesale tradestroyoborudovaniemand materials.
  • Responsibilities:
  • The search for newcustomers.
  • Maintaining personalrelationships, dailymeetings andphone calls.
  • Trackingperformanceagreements.
  • Upgradepricing information.
  • Preparationand maintenanceof documents.
  • Reaching an agreementon joint activity.
  • Prepareoral and writtenpresentations.